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Message From: Bruce May 17, 2019
Glad that I was told about your website, l have 4 rescues at the moment so can't take any additional ones.

Message From: Libby August 31, 2017
Such adorable cats!

Message From: Chris & George March 31, 2017
We are a couple in our mid sixties who originally were first loves in the late sixties. We reunited 3 years ago and have made 2 rescues "our" children. Both Ty and O'Shea are playful male rescues that have joined our family. Your site is wonderful since we live in another county and can't keep making the hour trip to Orange County Animal when we see new kittens on their website. We keep checking this informative, more personal one looking for our third. These kittens are so loved and cared for by you fosters, it warms our souls.

Message From: John Singleton December 5, 2016
Love your site!

Message From: Dina C Floid October 12, 2016
Love your mission, compassion and live fir cats!

Message From: (Private) December 20, 2014
The three of us are enjoying our fourth year together. Lia Lynx continues to love the Christmas season for it's when she joined our household. She is doing awesome and continues to brings joy to our lives. Thank you so much for the great work you do!

Message From: Karla May 17, 2014
Thank you for helping kitties! I read Bandit's memorial and I couldn't help but cry. She was lucky to have been so loved.

Message From: Carla December 9, 2013
Great work that you do, I always have adopted (my last kitty was found starving at about a month of age). I miss my girl, lost her last month.

Message From: The Swishers November 1, 2012
We just want to say how happy we are that we found our sweet baby girl, Lia Lynx, thanks to KFCI and the loving efforts of Cindi. Don't stop filling other people's lives with such joy!--Gene & Dee

Message From: Jimm September 13, 2012
We were adopted by LeChatte the tiniest kitten you could imagine last Sept. She is the sweetest cat I have ever had. Thank you!